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A Message from the Phoenix Union Superintendent  
Phoenix Union is an urban school district focused on being great. With a record of safe schools, great teachers and financial stability, our academic success indicators belie the notion that urban school districts cannot compete. Phoenix Union's graduation rates eclipse almost every urban district in the country, and our dropout rates have plummeted.
Our mission is "Preparing every student for success in college, career and life." We are creating a college and career-prepared culture to transform our student's dreams into reality. But college and career prepared must mean being ready to succeed in post-secondary settings.
Fulfilling our mission takes students, parents, community and the focused strategies of this school district. The combination of people and programs, action  and attitude and measurable goals, called "success indicators" are outlined in this website. 
For our mission to succeed, we must set the highest expectations with skilled and committed people, the best resources available and an unyielding belief in positive change. Our students and our community deserve it. Our future demands it.